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Tobias and Dee. Our LOVE knows no boundaries.

Dear Tobias

You are my first most amazing heroic doggo that has ever impacted my life substantially.  The day I first saw you; I knew you were the one for me.   There was clearly no mistake as I had rescued you and you had rescued me.  You blessed my life each day and showered me with all of your love.  Never had you stopped looking back for me as you waited for me to walk side by side with you every day my little gentleman.  You earned a deep profound respect as you had portrayed so much gusto throughout your two year fight with cancer leading up to your final hour.  I will love and admire you for the rest of my life time.  

More than words could ever say, you saved my life in more ways than one the day we locked eyes and I had spent the rest of your life time making every second of every minute count.   You left paw prints all over my heart the day you left me. . .    

You were brazen, resilient, dapper an absolute gentleman and nonetheless amazing.
- fountain swimmer
- mountain climber
- bear and racoon fighter
- squirrel mouse bird killer
- street sweeper hatin
- butt biting
- legendary mountain lion fighter
- best all time dgaf poker face 

I love you, be happy and be free.  Cancer fighter - Team Tobias.  You are my world now until the end of time.

Every time you lose something so special that is so significant it definitely leaves such a deep loss that it is nothing less of irreplaceable. Anyone who has made the decision to let their fur baby go knows how debilitating and heartbreaking that moment is and the post outcome of being able to endure grievance. Nothing can prepare you for how infinite the days, hours, minutes and seconds may seem. My 15 yr old geriatric dog, Tobias, was fighting cancer and dealing with incontinence for two years due to a mass in his liver the size of a grapefruit - Team Tobias. Tobias was not given the chance to undergo surgery due to his age and the fact that the mass was just too close to the base risking the chance of a heart rupture. If anyone that knows a family member, relative, friend or animal that was or is fighting cancer knows just how amazing they truly are. They deserve all the happiness in the world for their ailment, yes, life is unfair.

This memorial website was created to remember our dearest Toby Tobias Ko on January 31, 2002 rescued @ Baldwin Park Humane Society and passed away on August 4, 2017 @ 11:11am. You will live forever in our memories and hearts.

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